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The Laura E. Mason Foundation (LEM) was created in memoriam of Laura E. Mason, a missing person in Kansas City, MO since March 24, 1993. Laura's case is unsolved and remains a cold case within the KCMO Police Department. The foundation was created by her children with the purpose of carrying out Laura’s spirit within the community through service.


Laura gave her children many pearls of wisdom during her time with them. These pearls are the epitome of the foundation's core and the heartbeat of each program initiated by LEM. Without a gravestone or other usual memorial relic, this foundation will serve as a living memorial for Laura's legacy.

The mission of LEM is to serve the Kansas City, MO area in the following ways:

Community Enrichment- our primary goal is to collaborate with existing organizations to further a collective cause. Our secondary goal is to identify the deficits within the KCMO communities through social research and to create programs to address some of these needs. 

Arts & Education- this initiative is geared toward bringing arts & education to underserved youth populations within the KCMO area. LEM believes that exposure of education through the liberal arts in young people broadens their horizons by teaching them to be thinkers, which in turn grants access to a greater world. 

Philanthropic Support- our goal is to support local organizations and individuals in need through various forms of fundraising and gifts.  

Board of directors 

Safiyyah Mills, MBA & MLA/ Founding Member & President

John Mills/ Director

Jennifer Risper/ Director

Reggie Gray/ Director

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