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LEM is entering into an exciting time as we begin offering professional services. In 2021, we entered into a partnership with Your KC DJ and moved Your KC Video, for profit businesses owned by our founder, to LEM. The decision to partner with a DJ and move a videography business to our non-profit was not taken lightly. Our main objective was to become more efficient in our entrepreneurial work by streamlining what we do. In our research, we determined that a majority of our work here at LEM is funded by our for profit businesses. By officially including the businesses under our non-profit umbrella, we will be able to better connect the two efforts. We can also formally let our customers know that by booking a professional service with either Your KC DJ or Your KC Video, they are supporting our mission of keeping Laura's legacy alive. This move allows us to become more focused and provides an opportunity to grow into more areas of service. We hope that you will consider using our DJ and videography services in the future and feel good knowing that you are supporting a good cause in doing so!

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